• 2,000 kg Lifting Capacity
  • 300mm Lifting Height
  • 1620mm Max. extension (ams extracted)
Overall dimension

402/2M – 402/2P 2,0 t Hydraulic jacking beams

Hydraulic jacking beams

Price P.O.A

  • 2.000 kg Capacity
  • 300mm Lifting Height
  • 935mm Min extension (arms retracted)
  • 1620mm Max. extension (arms extracted)
  • 105kg Weight
technical data
MODEL NO.402/2M - 402/2P 2,0 t
Lifting Capacity2,000Kg
Lifting Height300mm
Min extension (arms retracted)935mm
Max. extension (ams extracted)1620mm
* Max lifting height is masured with adjustable screw pads in heighest position. * Machin shown with optional equipement. Actual product appearance may differ.

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