• Clear floor design
  • 1900mm Lifting height
  • 3.5t / 4.2t Lifting capacity
Overall dimension

62C | 3.5T/4.2T Two Post Lift with APS Technology

Two Post Lift with APS Technology

Price P.O.A

  • Clear floor design for easy movement of maintenance equipment under the raised vehicle.
  • With APS technology.
  • 3500Kg /4200Kg lifting capacity.
  • 1900mm lifting height.
  • One hand and one side operation for electrical release.
  • Screw-up lifting pads with clearance height less than 100mm.
  • The arm locks engage and disengage automatically.
  • The rubber protected overhead bar switches off the power system when vehicle roof touches it.
  • Standard aluminum motor avoids overheated and ensures long service life.
  • Standard door protection pads to prevent possible damage to the door opened without caution.
  • Pre-fixed hydraulic pressure prevents overloading operation.
  • Standard chain protection curtain.
  • ABS control box with rubber gasket sealing.


technical data
MODEL NO.62C | 3.5T/4.2T
Structure typeClear floor
Locking releaseDown button
Lifting capacity3500kkg / 4200kg
Lifting height1900mm
Overall height3900mm
Minimun height90mm
Overall width3420mm
Drive thru width2500mm
Inside column2830mm
Two stage rear long arm890-1390mm
Two stage front short arm740-1150mm
Three stage arm615-1150mm
Lifting time45s - 55s
Power supplyAccording to customer needs
Motor2.2kw / 3.5kw
* Max lifting height is masured with adjustable screw pads in heighest position. * Machin shown with optional equipement. Actual product appearance may differ.

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