• 4000Kg / 5000Kg Lifting capacity
  • 1830mm Lifting height max
  • 180mm Min Height
Overall dimension

EE-6435V2.S | 4.0/5.0T/6.5T Four Post Lift

Four Post Lift

Price P.O.A

  • 4000Kg / 5000Kg lifting capacity
  • Flat platform for general service use
  • Reliable mechanical safety locking system
  • Avoid rapid descending cause by leakage of hydraulic system by applying FLOW-CONTROL technique to hydraulic system
  • Max height switch limits the travel of runways and ensures cylinders work within the stroke
  • The alarm buzzer for safe descending
  • 24V safety control voltage
  • Reliable electrical release for easy and efficient use
  • Compact quick plug electrical connection releases installers from too many wires and terminals and make initial installation much more efficient. Save more than 70% time on wire connection
  • Low profile runway is convenient for driving on and off and less demanding on space
  • Optional rolling jack
technical data
MODEL NO.EE-6435V2.S | 4.0/5.0T/6.5T
Lifting capacity5000kg
Lifting height1830mm
Min Height180mm
Air Supply6-8 bar
Capacity of motor2.2kw / 3.5kw
Electrical SupplyAccording to customer needs
* Max lifting height is masured with adjustable screw pads in heighest position. * Machin shown with optional equipement. Actual product appearance may differ.

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