• 1915mm Lifting height
  • Automatic Arm locking device
  • Descent Control valve
Overall dimension

Werther 320i3/32 2 post lift 3.2t

Price P.O.A

Werther 320i3/32 2 post lift 3.2t – Features

  • Electromechanical locking device in case of rope failure
  • Automatic arm locking device
  • Foot guards
  • Overload safety-device
  • Descent control valve
  • Parachute valve
  • Dead man controls, 24v
  • Electrically controlled mechanical safety device
  • Mechanical synchronization


Optional lifting pad extension available.
Werther 208i-5L 2 post lift 5t – Specification

  • Capacity: 3200Kg
  • Weight: 820Kg
  • Lifting time: 45 seconds
  • Lifting height: 1915mm
  • Motor:2.2Kw, 3phase, 230 – 400v


technical data
MODEL NO.Werther 320i3/32
Arm locking deviceAutomatic
Foot guardsYes
Descent control valveYes
Lifting Capacity3200kg
* Max lifting height is masured with adjustable screw pads in heighest position. * Machin shown with optional equipement. Actual product appearance may differ.

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