• 5000KG lifting capacity Lifting capacity
  • 1900mm lifting height Lifting height
  • Vehicle roof protection
Overall dimension

6215E | 5.0T Clear Floor Lift

  • 5000KG lifting capacity.
  • 1900mm lifting height.
  • Clear floor design for easy movement of maintenance equipment under the raised vehicle.
  • Electrical release, just press Up and Down button to operate the lift.
  • Only 45 seconds raising time with optional quick motor to shorten your service time.
  • The four triple stage arms combination make the lift can accommodate wide range of vehicles from Smart to Sprinter, light van.
  • Durable cylinders in each column carry with anti-surge valves.
  • Screw-up lifting pads with clearance height less than 100mm.
  • The arm locks engage and disengage automatically.
  • With vehicle roof protection. The power system switches off when vehicle roof touches the rubber protected overhead bar.
  • Aluminum motor avoids overheated and ensures long service life.
  • Durable powder coating.
  • Standard door protection pads to prevent possible damage to the door opened without caution.
technical data
Lifting capacity 5000Kg
Lifting height 1900mm
Drive Through3006mm
Lifting Time45s-60s
Capacity of motor2.2kw / 3.5kw
Electrical SupplyAccording to customer needs
* Max lifting height is masured with adjustable screw pads in heighest position. * Machin shown with optional equipement. Actual product appearance may differ.

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